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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bodylanguage helps to make children learn math

University of Chicago are presenting the theory that children learns better if they are giving instructions using gestures while explaining math problems.luftballong (c) This made me thinking how i could imply this on elearning. Means that i might use more movie in my education. There is the problem on large files to solve though.

I know though that the more senses that are involved the stronger will the impact of the knowledge you are contributing be. This is why i try to implement sound and moving graphics at least. I am hoping for better fileformats in the future and maybe streaming it will be an option.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Furl - Create your own linklibrary.

Furl is a smart way of building up your linklibrary with explanations about the links. You can categorize and grade the links. This is a great way to save links between computers and you can also choose between making the library public or private. This way you can share your links with others and also find new ones from other persons Furls. It is easy to add links to the library you add a link to he toolbar so it is easy to reach.

Become a furler you too.

Via: Soulsoup

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Using Skype as a good way to communicate.

Even though i haven´t used it very much I am impressed with the functionality in Skype. This is a Voip application and part of the new communication over Internet. Its just like talking in a telephone since the algoritms that compress the sound so effectivly you can speak at the same time and even have conference online with 5 people.

I think this application could effectively be used also in education. This is a possible way to develop language on a distance or a way to explain complex matters in math.

You are also able to write at the same time. Skype could be a good addition in blended or in elearning.

Webbstandards are in focus when 24timmarssamhället are blogging.

To develop webbstandards in the swedish society and institutions several instances work together to develop it further. Here you find some good guidelines(in Swedish) what to think about if you want to make your site accessible. Also there is a new blog that started recently to communicate about this problem that so many share. 24timmarsbloggen (also in Swedish) invite good guestwriters like Roger Johansson that writes on his blog 456 Berea Street about Webbstandards and accessibility. I highly recommend this site if you are intrested in develop your knowledge about the subject.